Friday, April 21, 2006

To Semi-Quote Shakespeare, What's In a Name?

By C. L. Beck

You wouldn’t think it would be hard for eight writers to pick a name for a blogging group, would you? When words normally bubble up in our minds like foam on a root beer float, it should be easy to pick something catchy. Right?

Wrong. All the catchy, easy names are already chosen. We thought of Writers’ Block, and Authors at Large, both of which had multiple uses on the Internet. Really, how many blocked writers can there be—or for that matter, how many large authors? There’s no doubt that one of us can stand to lose a little weight. (That would be me, but my mother says I have a thyroid problem, so it’s okay.) However, you’d think most people would never freely choose to be recognized as a large author.

The thought occurred that if we searched hard enough we’d find other interesting names out on the web that we can't use . . . like Authors with Bushy Eyebrows and Hairy Ears, or Writers That Right Butt Can’t Spel.

Since none of us fit those descriptions anyway, it’s fair to say we won't worry about not using them.

After spending several days pondering the options—okay, maybe it was really only hours—our editor/moderator/wiz guy came up with an idea. He suggested we call ourselves Seven LDS Writers and a Dog.

I was all for that. It was cute and original.

But I had one question. Which one of us was supposed to be the dog?

Fortunately, before someone was persuaded to act the part of the four-legged furball, we found out the title was a play on words from another blogging page, and our wiz guy was just poking fun. Later we finally settled on a name, and I think this time it’s for real.

We’re calling ourselves the LDS Writers Blogck. It’s a catchy play on words, isn't it? But now my question is . . . which one of us is officially the blogck head?

My cousin's opinion aside, I'm sure it's not me.


Darvell Hunt said...

Okay, I admit it. I'm the blogck head. Not by choice, mind you; but I'm guessing that if all of this blog's writers got one vote, with me being the only male on the writing staff, I'd probably win. Too many of them are married!

That's okay, though. It's better than being "the dog."


D said...

Cute! Very cute! As an outsider, let me say that I'm actually looking forward to seeing what fun and exciting things a group of block'd writers can come up with.

So far, this is pretty interesting and entertaining stuff: dogs, cousins, and the like. I just have to know, WHO IS THE DOG?


jas said...

This is a great site. I'm looking forward to reading some interesting and entertaining blogs on here. Keep up the good work!

Darvell Hunt said...

>So far, this is pretty interesting
>and entertaining stuff: dogs,
>cousins, and the like. I just have
>to know, WHO IS THE DOG?


I dunno. You tell us this much first: what does the D stand for? Coincidence? Hmm, I don't think so!


Triple Nickel said...

Great blog. Or is that blogck? Anyway, at least I know I'm not the dog. bark, bark!

C. L. Beck said...

D, JAS, Triple Nickel and Darvell,
Thanks for the compliments.

The other day I saw a three-legged pooch with a rubber crutch, running down the street.

Maybe he's the dog?

Meow, meow.