Saturday, May 13, 2006

Announcing Author Spotlights on LDS Writers Blogck

By Danyelle Ferguson

Come one, come all . . .

Okay, let’s revise that statement—Come all published LDS authors!

LDS Writers Blogck staff writer Danyelle Ferguson (whew, that was long!) has been assigned the task of spotlighting LDS authors for her Saturday blogs.

When given the assignment, Mrs. Ferguson cringed, fell to her knees and begged to be reassigned. But to no avail. Her big mean boss-man, Mr. Hunt, has put his foot down.

Now she’s on the prowl with her magnifying glass out searching for the proverbial needle in the haystack—a published LDS author. Will she find the clues leading to these individuals? More importantly, will she find them in time to meet her weekly deadlines?

Perhaps you can help.

Email Danyelle Ferguson ( Give her your name, contact information, the date of when your next book is coming out (if applicable)—and most importantly, your consent to be interviewed.

Then keep tuned to the Saturday edition of LDS Writers Blogck to see if Mrs. Ferguson does indeed meet her deadlines . . .

Danyelle Ferguson

Staff Writer

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