Wednesday, May 10, 2006

The Roller Coaster Life of a Writer

By Connie S. Hall

You hop on board as you start your newest story. The ride begins as the story flows through your fingertips. Excitement fills your whole being as you climb the first hill. Reaching the summit, you begin to drop, catching speed as you descend. So far, it’s an incredible ride. Then the dreaded stumbling block hits. Writer’s block!

Self-doubt enters your head as you begin the next climb. Why are you doing this? The ride is smooth and then you are swooping down the next hill. There is a disorienting feeling of fear and joy all at once.

You are enjoying the variety of hills, and twisting turns as you fly up the next hill. Before plunging down you complete your story. Then you send your story to a critique group. Their comments come in as you round the next bend in the track. Some are favorable and you climb the next hill. Many comments are marked in red as you go down hill.

This non-stop adventure is leaving you breathless. You take the turns with relentless speed. Maybe this is what it feels like flying acrobatics in an airplane. At any rate, it creates a genuine flying sensation.

As you fly up the next hill, you’ve completed the revising and are ready to send your story on its way. Fear of rejection really sets in as you descend to the bottom again.

Being a writer, you must negotiate many varieties of emotional rides. Writers have many ups and downs in their life. You must admit the ride is all-out exhilarating from start to finish, and yes, it is worth it.

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Keith Fisher said...

You put it exactly right! thank you