Wednesday, June 14, 2006

The Many ANTs of a Writer

By Connie S. Hall

There are many kinds of writers-each one differANT from all the others. A good writer will try to overcome their weaknesses and develop their excellANT writing skills. In doing so, they will be exultANT and a recipeANT of becoming a published writer.

A writers schedule will be resiliANT as they are diligANT in telling the story. If a writer shares their talANT, many dormANT stories will unfold, and competANTs will shine.

Of course, if you are defiANT, arrogANT, or ANT i social your readers will know. You can’t hide anything from them. Don’t be an informANT. Instead, be a servant. Readers expect you to be buoyANT, jubilANT, and reverANT in your writing. If you are observANT, your brilliANTs will show through and complimANT your story.

ANT i social – This writer don’t seem to be interested in anyone or anything except finishing his story.
ArrogANT – This writer turns up his nose to anything not written by yours truly.
BrilliANT – This writer studies, and attends workshops to gain new knowledge and uses that knowledge to the fullest.
BuoyANT – This writer is always cheerful, upbeat, and happy.
CompetANT – This writer is full of ability and is willing to take extra training.
ComplemANT – This writer is the first one to notice someone else has talent and uses honest praise to make them feel good.
DefiANT – This writer does what he wants, when he wants, and how he wants without regard for the feelings of others.
DifferANT – This writer makes sure his stories are unique.
DiligANT – This writer works hard and tries to do everything that is expected.
DormANT – This writer is always sleeping or watching television and rarely writes.
ExcellANT – This writer’s story is outstanding because he uses exceptional skills.
ExultANT – This writer is thrilled with every forward step he takes.
InformANT – This writer doesn’t always get his facts straight, but that doesn’t matter as long as he get the word out first.
JubilANT – This writer always has a kind word for everyone.
ObservANT – This writer notices what is going on around him.
RecipiANT – This writer loves to receive critiques from friends.
ResiliANT – This writer bounces back easily when rejection letters come.
ReverANT – This writer knows when to be quiet, when to listen and when it’s appropriate to talk.
ServANT – This writer goes the extra mile in helping those around him, and seeks for ways to be of service to fellow writers.
TalANT – This writer is willing to share his talents with others.

Which writer ANT are you?

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