Friday, June 16, 2006

A Perfect Day

By Connie S. Hall

At stake conference, the President of the Jordan River Temple spoke to us about “A Perfect Day.” This started me reflecting on the ideal situations for a writer. I always feel wonderful at the end of a day when I have accomplished my writing goals. There is nothing better than knowing you are right on target.

When I can create a perfect character, I almost jump for joy. My day is complete when I spend hours writing a scene and it turns out just right. Of course, there can be other great days such as when the story you finished has each word fitting perfectly to the one before it, like pieces of a puzzle fitting against each other. This has to be a perfect moment.

For a writer, the ultimate perfect day has to be the day you get an acceptance for your first story or novel. The rejection letters are just one-step to having that happen, and waiting for them is difficult. Sometimes the wait is long, I’ve been waiting nine months now and still no word except, “It is still going through the process.”

The other night I watched an enjoyable movie, “For Love of the Game”. Near the end, they talked about a perfect baseball game. The one thing I have learned is any day can be perfect if we look for the good things in life. If we each count our blessings, we’ll find many things that make a perfect day.


KB said...

As a writer, my perfect day wasn't when I got accepted. It was when I held that finished product in my hands--touching it, smelling it, flipping through the pages, stopping to read and being amazed at how clever I was. :) That was the perfect day.

Connie Hall said...

I haven't even thought about that part of being published. This sounds like a dream to me. I hope it comes to me someday, but if not, I love writing.