Wednesday, June 21, 2006

Writing for Love

By Connie S. Hall

Most writers love to write. For some it’s what they live for. When they write it’s their artistic way of expressing how they feel deep inside.

Are you having fun while writing? If not, try to get back to what you love to write. It's often when writing becomes too much of a job that we start to have problems. What you write for fun might actually end up being your best work.

It might help if you attempt something new. Start by writing whatever you want. If you want to begin in the middle of your story, do it. The reader will never know you wrote the story "backwards”. Many writers save the introduction until later. It doesn't matter how you do it, just what results you get.

Are you so worried about doing it right that you lose sight of why you are writing? Allow the words to hit the paper without agonizing about whether they are grammatically correct. You can always fix a problem later.

Have you ever thought any of these?
“I’m worthless.”
“I don’t know why I thought I could do this.”
“No one wants to read what I write.”
“Where was I when the talent was handed out?”
If so, maybe you should ease up on yourself.

Don’t try to be some other writer, just be yourself. Tell your story the way you want to tell it. Write your story while your heart is pounding and the adrenaline is running high.

Forget about the competition. You are the only person who can write your book. Find the story you want to tell and then write it. Love what you are doing and have fun!

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