Wednesday, July 26, 2006

The Magical Secret of Writing

By Connie S. Hall

I have learned there is no magic formula for creating the perfect book, and nothing enchanting, charming, or captivating that you can conjure up to make your writing better. The method you use to write has to be your own. You have to write your own story. Learning new techniques and studying grammar helps, but the real story comes from within.

Nobody has the perfect recipe. Yes, they can guide, and instruct you. Not all of their methods, guidelines, or instructions will help. Everyone has his or her own process and technique. No one has the ideal secret or ingredient that makes it work.

You can get back some of the magic you use to have when you wrote. Don’t let writing become a chore. Sit back, relax, and take delight in creating your own story as you make it as unique as a fingerprint. When you are creating your own tale, it can be thrilling to watch the words fill the page. Completing the story will give you the perfect feeling that you have indeed created magic.

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