Wednesday, July 19, 2006

Those Who Made a Difference

By Connie S. Hall

This time of the year, July, I always reflect on my pioneer ancestors. I’ve given many talks about who they were and the things they did. Since I was small, I’ve always been thankful to them and the fact they left their homes to make a better life for me.

They are responsible for who I am. These noble pioneers are the hero’s in my life–those I admire. This month I’m on a trip to walk in their footsteps.

As I look at my itinerary for July 19, I’m staying in a little bed & breakfast run by a couple with the same last name as my great-grandmother. I don’t know much about her except that she was born nearby. In this same area is the birth and death place of many other relatives.

By now, we will have visited Liverpool where many new church members got on board a ship and left their beloved country for an unknown place. I know I would never have been as brave as my ancestors were. I love new things, but going somewhere unfamiliar would be scary. Getting on a ship to come to this new world would have taken more courage than I think I would have had.

Once in this beloved country their trials weren’t over. They suffered more hardships as they ventured to the Salt Lake Valley. I can’t imagine such courage. Building homes and learning new skills were only a few of the difficulties they endured. Their pain and suffering is more than I can begin to comprehend.

I hope during the coming week that each of you will reflect upon those that are directly responsible for you being where you are today. Give thanks to God above that you are in a free land, a land given to us by the men and women who gave their all.

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