Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Short on Time

By Darvell Hunt

Time. We never seem to have enough of it, but every one of us has all there is. What we make of our lives depends on how we use those limited bits of time.

Some people say they don't have time to write. Others say they don't have time to read. Since I have a very limited amount of time, just like everyone else, I'm writing this blog entry to be short, so the time for me to write it is short and the time for you to read it is short.

Since it didn't take too long for you to read this, you can now make use of the rest of the time you would have spent reading this in doing something else. If you're a writer (aren't we all wruters in some capacity?) then go write. If you're a reader (and you better be!), then go read.


Tristi Pinkston said...

People can always find the time to do the things that are the most important to them. Sometimes it takes some effort, but it can be done.

Darvell Hunt said...

So true, Tristi. You do what's important to you. Well stated.