Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Dust If You Must

By Connie S. Hall

I’ve heard the expression many times that Life is Short. Another thing I’ve heard numerous times is Dust if you Must. In recent years, I have finally taken this to heart. The only time I feel a need to dust the furniture is prior to my visiting teacher/home teacher visits, and before a meeting or party at my house. (If my visiting teachers and home teachers do their job, I dust my furniture at least once a month.) The first clue at my home that I’m expecting company is, if I have done the dusting.

For many years after working away from home all week I almost killed myself cleaning house and cooking every weekend. I loved to do it, but it took all my time. Don’t get me wrong I still keep a neat home, but now I take time for the important things.

Next to God, the most important thing to me is my family. Our family goes swimming together, we play at the park, attend soccer games, go to birthday parties, and we take each grandchild to dinner on their birthday. Taking time to help with schoolwork, play with, and listen to each child is important. It’s good to be involved.

What do I do for me? Now instead of dusting, I write a story. Next to my family, and church the thing I love best is writing. It’s good for me to take the time to do this. Yes, maybe my furniture suffers, but I stay happy, and I think I’m more important than any piece of furniture.

I believe you should cherish your family, and friends. Always find time to listen to good music, and read enjoyable books. Remember you will never have today again so write as long as you can.

Dust if you have to, but there’s not a great deal of time, especially for me since the ‘Time Out For Women’ local reading group will meet at my home tonight. I guess I better get busy and dust.

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