Friday, October 20, 2006

Road Show Blues

by W.L. Elliott

Help write the road show? Sure, I’d be delighted!

What, I repeat – WHAT – was I thinking?

Spiritual, but not preachy. Funny, but not silly. Original. Comical. Enjoyable.


Okay, so it is not really impossible—but it is incredibly challenging. Writing something that will be pleasing to the Lord, uplifting to the church, entertaining to the audience – it’s a huge responsibility.

And yet...

Isn’t that why we are all here? Isn’t that exactly the criteria we are all striving to meet in all of our writing? Writing the road show is, simply and realistically, a condensed version of what I am striving to make my life’s work.

Okay, then... looking at it that way, maybe that old road show won’t be so impossible after all.

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