Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Handy Tools

by Connie S. Hall

I work for a construction company. No, I don’t do construction, but I work in the office paying bills, doing payroll, and other related activities. In the 13 years I have worked in this job I have become familiar with the many tools of the trade. Each sub-contractor follows the plan and they have specific tools they use in building the house.

Writers also have tools of the trade. We don’t use hammers, staple guns, or saws, but we can use writing tools – pencils, pens, computers, and notebooks. Sometimes we can learn from other writers, from authors of books on writing, and from teachers in writing workshops.

My most often used tools are my books. You can also go on line and find anything concerning writing that you have questions about. Everything you learn will become a handy tool to you as a writer. Practice will help you become handy with your tools. As you continue to use them, your writing will improve. Some tools will help you improve sentence structure, your grammar, and a variety of things. The more you write the better your tools become.

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