Wednesday, November 22, 2006


By Nichole Giles

I’m thankful for the moon and stars
The mountains and the trees
The flowers growing in my yard
And the rolling open seas

I’m thankful for the desert sand
And cactus with prickly pears
A forest full of evergreens
And the animals living there

I’m thankful for the USA
A place I call my home
And soldiers willing to sacrifice
For men they’ve never known

A place where I can lay my head
Securely every night
And tuck my children safe in bed
Before turning out the light

The wheels that drive me everywhere
And music in my soul
And words that seem to fill my head
All things that make me whole

A companion who will hold me close
And love me ‘til I’m gray
Who whispers softly words of love
Each and every day

For friends I couldn’t live without
I’m thankful, endlessly
And the thoughtful simple little things
That others might not see

I dream about the future
And it’s possibilities
I’m thankful I am given
Many opportunities

The chance to write
The chance to dream
The chance to worship
Laugh, and sing

I live a life of promise
Starry skys and endless sea
Because my Savior cared enough
He gave it all to me.

Happy Thanksgiving from the LDS Writers Blogck!


Keith Fisher said...

Very good. have you submitted it?

Nichole Giles said...

Not yet. I wrote it for the blog. Glad you liked it.