Thursday, December 28, 2006

Goodbye to My Least-Favorite-Most-Boring-Doldrum Season of Gloom

By Nichole Giles

As a kid, I always thought of winter as a dull time of year. The holidays are over, and the cold prevents many outdoor activities. The warmth of summer seems very far away for a sun-worshiper like me. In my past, winter has been my least-favorite-most-boring-doldrum season of gloom.

But not this year.

This year, I am looking forward to the winter. I am hoping it will provide me with the time and inspiration to finish some much anticipated writing projects. I owe it to myself to finish what I have started, to take the time to flesh out the stories that are flying around in my head and give voices to the characters that are my constant company.

Even as I stare at a blank page on my new computer screen, I am excited to think of the possibilities this winter has in store for me. As the busy holiday season dies off and the children go back to school, I will give myself time to fill the pages in front of me with whatever junk that worms itself into my head, knowing full well I can edit the worst of it out later. Thank goodness for cut, paste, and delete.

Last spring, I resolved to finish an entire rough draft by setting a daily writing goal and sticking to it. That program worked for me then, and I am hoping it will work again this winter. I intend to be much more strict with myself this time. I will not stop at finishing one manuscript. This winter, I hope to finish two full-length book manuscripts, along with several short submissions—since they have proven to be profitable as well as growth inspiring.

Committing it to words, looking at it as I write, it feels like a lot of pressure to put on myself before I have even rung in the New Year. I start to wonder if I can actually do it. I don’t know, maybe, maybe not.

I do know one thing for certain. This little change in self-expectation definitely makes me re-think my perception of winter. If I can pull it off, maybe winter will become something I can actually start looking forward to.

Maybe spring can wait…maybe.


Keith Fisher said...

It'll wait but don't end up being a hermit like I do in the winter. good blog

Nichole Giles said...

I'll do my best, Keith. Thanks for commenting.