Wednesday, December 13, 2006

Holiday Memories

by Connie S. Hall

I love to ponder my childhood and the magical dreams of Christmas as I recall the memories that brought a glimmer to my eye. We were poor and didn't receive much, but we sure had fun. Our family always played together inside or outside, it didn't matter where. It was a special treat if we had snow for Christmas. The hill in front of our house was where everyone in town came to have fun with their new sled.

Today I love the memory of holiday music playing in the background as I sit by a cozy fireplace admiring the decorated tree in the corner, and a manger scene on the piano. The aroma of food cooking prior to the family gathering for a meal together makes me think of one thing that makes holiday memories. Food! Don't laugh because it's true. Everyone over eats in December. We get together with famiies to eat. Next we have a party with friends and again we eat. Almost everyone I know bakes goodies for all their neighbors. It shouldn't be, but the center of Christmas is eating. Many of our family traditions and memories from the past are about the great food we eat.

Sharing and caring is a part of what good memories are, but sometimes in the flurry of gift giving stress seems to take over the life of some people.

I want to paint a picture of the perfect holiday season. The shopping is over, and you have wrapped the packages with care. Familiar scents of cinnamon, spice and chocolate fill the air. Your neighbors have received the packages you baked with love. Now your family is arriving for the big party. I love parties. Snowflakes are falling as twilight approaches. Your entire family is sitting around a warm glowing fireplace, and everyone is sipping warm cocoa as music is playing in the background. The children are asking to hear the story of the birth of Christ. Now the true Spirit of Christmas fills the room.

This year I am reflecting on how and why I celebrate as I do, and I'm writing it down for future generations. Once you are gone the memories vanish unless you have taken the time to write them.

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