Friday, December 22, 2006

Some of the Most Eloquent Writing...

By G.Ellen

Some of the most eloquent writing has been done during this time of the year. When people talk about the Savior and His birth, words seem to roll off the tongue and flow to the page.

For us regular writers, however, the words aren't always so easy to come by. Perhaps it is easier during this holiday season, but then there are so many other things that occupy our time. Most of us are recovering from the month of November and the National Novel Writing exercise. (I finished, by the way!) Others have family obligations and celebrating with friends --let alone the shopping.

But with all the bustle and hustle of the season, try not to forget two simple things: The Savior is the reason for all of it, and you still need to write. Even if it's only in your journal as you keep record of the fun memories you obtained and will enjoy looking back at later.

The first year my husband and I celebrated Christmas together, I was pregnant and his parents came over to help install our dishwasher in the house we were buying from them. He was trying to install a disposal as my gift along with the dishwasher, and it ended up taking three days. We didn't have water for two of those days. Needless to say, we remember that year vividly. My gift to him was a new pair of shoes purchased by my mother-in-law. Did I mention we didn't have any money? He remembers running out at midnight to find items to put in my stocking. He still buys me a brush every year as a reminder of it. It felt like a version of O'Henry's "Gift of the Magi".

So-along with the homemade goodies and the dazzling parties, remember the person that made it all possible: Jesus Christ. And...keep writing. You never know what wonderful words might flow to paper for you this year.

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