Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Five Things About Me That You Never Knew You Wanted to Know...


It's been loads of fun reading the stuff at Six LDS Writers and a Frog. Stuff I would never have dreamed of. LOL. It's also been fun to get to know my fellow bloggers. My life, I'm afraid, is not all that exciting, but I'm sure I can come up with five things. I just hope they're as entertaining as everyone else's has been.

1. My dad dropped my mom when he was carrying her out to the car while she was pregnant with me and going into labor. I know, many of you are now nodding their heads and saying, "OH...that's what's wrong with her!" LOL. She was fine, and apparently no permanent damage to me, but I still shake my head when my brother talks about it.

2. I love to cook. Perhaps I should say...I like to experiment with recipes. My favorite thing is pasta with mushrooms and chicken and veggies and homemade Alfredo sauce. Mmmm. I guess my next challenge is to learn to make pasta from scratch. My daughters tell me they are intimidated to attempt cooking because they don't think they'll be as good as me. My husband and I both tell them it just takes practice–like writing! (grin)

3. I am a closet reader. I have stayed up till 3 am reading a book just to get to the end. I haven't done it since I've been working, but I used to. My husband thinks reading should be taken off the school curriculum. LOL (Just kidding! My children are all addicted to the written word.)

4. I too (Rob--this is for you--I’m going to watch for your entry this year!) have won ribbons at the state (and county) fair for painting. Most of mine are in watercolor since it's the cheapest medium to do.

5. I'm a mystery shopper. A common date for my husband and I is watching the trailers for movies. Sometimes we stay and watch when the theater is mostly empty. We also get to eat out sometimes and get reimbursed for it–anyone for bowling?

And just for good measure: I didn't have to change my name when I got married. My husband used to have people guessing while he was on his mission that he was married. He would tell them that he'd been in the sealing room with a woman that was not related to him but had the same last name. One of the women in a ward he served in had the hardest time knowing if he was telling the truth or not. Go figure.

And the beat goes on....Tag to Karen!


That "Guy" said...

Being the spouce I feel movitated to respond starting with #3. She has NEVER read in a closet, every other room in the house, method of transportation known to humans, parks of every kind, but NEVER IN A CLOSET. And since it appears that this is a revelation IT IS NOT anyone who knows her even casually knows she reads! And her reference to me advocating removal of reading is not entirely accurate, Everything has a place and a time. Including reading our children are so complisive about it that one got into a fight with a teacher because he tried to take away a book, not a comic book but a book with print and very little pictures.

Anonymous said...

Your blog was great, and your husband's comments were priceless. Apparently you're the only one who thinks you're a closet reader!

Nice job.

Nichole Giles said...

Have I mentioned that I love this game? This is great! Keep writing.