Friday, January 26, 2007

Five Things You Never Knew About Me

By Nichole Giles

With the recent game of tag circulating among the bloggers, I figured it was only a matter of time before I get tagged. Luckily, I had this blog ready when both Keith and Wendy decided to tag me.

As it turns out, hearing about the game has re-activated some of our long-lost bloggers—I suspect we will be reading about some of them in the very near future. So here it is, my contribution to the game, given willingly for the good of writers everywhere.

1. I was born in Nevada, but lived in many interesting places between Utah and Arizona. Since I lived in the areas surrounding Mesa, Arizona for most of my school-going years, I tell people I grew up in Arizona. I went to a different school every year of my young life—except 7th-8th grade. I only went to one Junior High school.

2. When I was sixteen, I fell off a stage (which I wasn’t supposed to be on at the time) in the pitch-black darkness of an empty theater, severely spraining my ankle. This happened one month before our high school musical production of “Oliver,”—in which I had a fairly large role—and two months before I jetted off to New York with my choir group for a once in a lifetime performance in Carnegie Hall. It was a killer hoofing it around the Big Apple on a still throbbing ankle, not to mention dancing around the stage during the play. But I did both, and the audience never knew.

3. When I was a little girl I read the book “Cheaper by the Dozen” and loved it so much that I told everyone who would listen that I was going to have twelve children when I grew up. Since my husband didn’t share my love for that particular book, we’ve settled on the number four. Hallelujah!

4. I met my husband when I was working in the toy section of a local department store. He was the security guard on duty. We talked less than five minutes and then he left so I could return something for a customer. I was so distracted that I completely botched the return, and my manager made me go into a training session so I could re-learn how to do returns. He came back and asked me out before the end of my shift.

5. I am a romance junkie. Movies, books, short stories, real life, any and all of it. I love a good romance with flowers and fluff and a really good conflict. But I don’t write much of it. For now, my writing tends to lean more toward children’s fantasy. That way, the romance genre can remain a personal indulgence rather than a pressure to step up and compete with all the brilliant romance writers of our time.

Well, there are my five things. Now I’m looking forward to reading more about everyone else. This has been fun. Whoever started this game, (I think Jeff Savage?) thanks. It’s been a blast. Let’s see…Connie Hall…Tag! You’re it.


Anonymous said...

Nice blog. I thought number 4 was a hoot. Aaaah, young love. :-)

Tristi Pinkston said...

Nichole, was you with a published story in the Friend? Way cool!

Nichole Giles said...

Thanks, Anonymous. Maybe that's why I'm such a romance junkie!


Nichole Giles said...

Yes, Tristi. That is my story. Thanks for noticing.


Anonymous said...

That's great! Keep it up -- I'll be watching. (Insert mysterious music here)