Thursday, February 08, 2007


By Connie S. Hall

A good time to look at your present vital signs is the beginning of every year. Reflecting on your accomplishments will help you know what direction you must head. Decide the goals that are important to your writing pursuits.

Studying and staying on top of current market requests is very important in being able to have your works published. My vital signs have been a bit sluggish the past couple of months. I’m still studying and watching the world’s trend in books. I’ve even sent for a couple of new books to help in my studying because I think I need to learn a few new techniques.

Two weekends ago, I went on a writing retreat. This was just the ticket to get me back on track. I actually completed six short stories. Some I had been working on for months. Since Nichole has done a lot of prodding, I don’t dare put them in a drawer. With her encouragement, each one found its way into the mailbox.

I’ve never tried to write a mystery, but I’m going to enter the Highlight Mystery Writing Contest this month. Since it’s only 800 words, I should be able to whip out a good story. My chances are slim since I’ve never seriously tried to write mystery, but since I love to read them, I think I should learn to write a fun whodunit book. Another thing in my favor is I love to write for children.

To me trying something new is always a challenge, but I love new things. This should be just the obsession to get me back on track. Maybe my vital signs will be normal again. That is if anything can be normal for a writer.


Keith Fisher said...

You go Girl!

Anonymous said...

A writer's retreat, huh? That sounds like just the thing to jump start the writing year.

Nice blog, I enjoyed it. And good luck on your submissions.

Nichole Giles said...

From what I've seen, that retreat gave your writing vitals an electric shock. Good luck with all the submissions. You're off to a great start.