Wednesday, March 14, 2007

Some Techniques Pay Off

by Connie S. Hall

This past week I spent my time getting ready for a stake 24-hour roadshow. Friday evening and Saturday during the daytime, I observed the different wards as they prepared their performance for the evening. Many of them brainstormed their ideas before they wrote their first draft. Next, they revised the script. Each of the seven wards had a different technique, but in the end, all of their efforts worked. All seven wards were able to present a good show.

Some wards had excellent directors and others muddled their way through. Costuming was important to some, and others worried about the props. A few of them included dancing, while others mostly acted. All shows included songs because it was a requirement. As each drama unfolded, you could recognize the efforts put forth as we all enjoyed a fun evening together.

This made me think of writing and the efforts we put into the things we write. Sometimes I take the time to brainstorm, while other times, I just plunge into the story. After the draft, I spend lots of time revising. Developing a good story line takes extra effort. If I read my story aloud, I usually find the errors. Editing for me is never over until I have the manuscript in the mail. I spend much of my time doing research because I don’t want to write anything too dumb.

Like the roadshows, if you put the effort and time into the story you are writing, it will all come together. No two writers use exactly the same technique, but in the end, you’ll complete your story.

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Anonymous said...

You're so right about this. The effort that we put into a story always shows.

Good blog.