Saturday, March 03, 2007

A Spot on the horizon

By Keith Fisher

I was so impressed with Connie’s blog about mapping your success that I had to tell you about my new campaign.

I was reminded of the old hiking trick of finding a landmark on the horizon and making that your goal. Then when that spot is reached you find another one. Reaching goals in little chunks is a tried and true method of reaching a larger goal.

While perusing the Authors Incognito group page I discovered the book covers created by authors that were planning ahead. (Elizabeth and Darvell.) I admired their work and realized I could use this idea in mapping my success as suggested by Connie.

I created my own book cover for one of my books. I turned it into a jpeg then I set it as the background for the desktop on my computer. Now every time I turn it on, I’m reminded of my goal. It’s my inspiration, a goal I’m working toward. It helps me persist in achieving the large goal of becoming a successful author while I work on all my other projects.

My book cover is like a refrigerator magnet that is designed to inspire me to greatness. It’s a positive image I can focus on. It’s different than a picture of my overweight body placed on the refrigerator in an effort to loose weight. It’s my spot on the horizon.

I know a publisher will probably have other ideas for the cover, but for now, it helps me stay focused. Thank you Connie, for the great suggestion.


G. Parker said...

I really like it Keith!! Way to go. It's gonna be published, your persistence will win out.

Anonymous said...

Nice cover for your upcoming book.

And good advice for a way to stay motivated.

Tristi Pinkston said...

Positive affirmations will do just as much for your success as anything else. It looks great.

Pop me a private e-mail, would you, Keith? I'd like to talk something over with you.

Darvell Hunt said...

Wow, that is a cool cover idea. I find that things like this really do help spur you on in what sometimes seems like an unsurmountable task.

I like to place physical items from my stories on my writing desk. I often find myself seeking out items in my real world to write about in my fictional worlds. It makes my stories seem more real to me. It's also fun to do.


Nichole Giles said...

I love what you've done with the cover. Great job, and good blog, too.