Friday, May 04, 2007

I've Never Been a History Buff...

By G.Parker

I've never looked into what has happened on my birthday before. I like some of the stories in history, but it's never been a draw. I wasn't going to do the whole posting unless someone tagged me, and I didn't think that would happen. Connie surprised me! Sneaky girl...

So I looked up October 5th in the annals of history at Wikipedia, and came up with some interesting stuff. Even to me.

3 events: (okay, I had to list more than three...there were some biggies!)

869 - The Fourth Council of Constantinople is convened (I'm not sure that's a good thing...)

1793 - French Revolution: Christianity is disestablished in France. (this is just sad. What did Christianity have to do with the revolution?)

1877 - Chief Joseph surrenders his Nez Perce band to General Nelson A. Miles.

1905 - Wilbur Wright pilots Wright Flyer III in a flight of 24 miles in 39 minutes, a world record that stood until 1908.

1921 - Baseball: The World Series was broadcast on the radio for the first time. (yehaw!)

1969 - The first episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus airs, at 9 p.m., on the BBC. (okay, everyone say it with me - "I didn't vote for ya!")

List 2 important birthdays:

1658 - Mary of Modena, queen of James II of England (d. 1718)

1829 - Chester A. Arthur, 21st President of the United States (d.1886) (now he's one we all know and love, right?)

I had to add two more:
1902 - Ray Kroc, American fast food entrepreneur (d. 1984) (I had to add him - everyone loves McDonalds! ugh)

1975 - Kate Winslet, English actress (I was thrilled she had my bday! can't believe she's that much younger than me though...sigh)

List 1 death:

877 - Charles the Bald (b. 823) (how would you like to be known as Charles the Bald?)

Okay...I'm listing 2:
1996 - Seymour Cray, American computer pioneer (b. 1925) (anyone know what computer?)

List a holiday or observance:

International World Teachers' Day (my co-workers would love this!)

This has been great fun. I hope you have as much fun looking up your birthday.
Everyone's birthday is an important day!


C. L. Beck said...

Okay, I'm laughing. "Charles the Bald"? What a dubious honor, to be born on the day that Charles the Bald passed away!:-)

Makes for interesting conversation at parties, though.

Wish I had that on my list. Maybe I could tell people that he lost his hair on my birthday?

G. Parker said...

I know...I just thought it was sooo funny. Who's to know if he lost it or not on your bday? works for me. :P