Wednesday, May 30, 2007

A Quick Shower

By Connie S. Hall

Many of you complain that the only time you get a good idea is when you are in the shower. Well, it’s a matter of fact, great ideas strike while in the shower. It’s supposed to work that way. Warm water running over your body stimulates the outer layer of your skin releasing molecules that talk to your nerve endings, which triggers brain activity.

Most writers don’t ever get a good idea at a convenient time. If that happened, it would be too easy. We should all realize ideas hit our brain when we are not prepared. I have come up with a few solutions.

I know I will get a good idea when I’m almost asleep so I keep paper, pencil, and a flashlight nearby. If it’s a long thought I simply get out of bed, and grab my alpha-smart to type away. Otherwise, come morning I will kick myself, because the thought will simply vanish. Sometimes I wonder why I even bother going to bed because the characters in my head don’t let me rest.

I always carry a supply of paper and pens in my purse and car. Yes, many times during a day people honk at me, but I can’t let the idea fly out of my head. Everywhere I go I diligently write away. People must think I’m taking minutes in all the meetings I attend. Yeah, sometimes they catch me, especially if I supposed to be taking charge.

No, I don’t have an easy answer for the shower problem. I definitely don’t have any water proof paper, or idea what to do, except hurry. Sometimes I refuse to let the ideas flow because I want to enjoy the warmth of the water as it runs down my back. Other times I’m out of there and have a pen in my hand almost before I’m dry. I bet you thought I had a good idea, but not this time.


Karlene said...

So you can actually read the notes you take in the middle of the night?

I have a friend who uses a voice activated tape recorder. She puts it on the bathroom counter, then she can open the shower door, say her idea and then get back to her shower.

(And her first words are always, "Computer, record..." Otherwise the first couple of words get missed.)

Tristi Pinkston said...

I think I get my best ideas in the shower because it's the only time I'm really alone . . .