Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Are You Sure You Want to Clean Your Room?

By Connie S. Hall

I almost hate myself. My computer office at home is so clean I don’t want to enter its doors again or I might mess it up. Being this organized is ridiculous. How will I be able to work with nothing to look at?

My plans of working in the yard on Saturday and Monday of the Memorial weekend ended abruptly when I had to have an ingrown toenail removed on Friday. Saturday I did what I was supposed to do. Nothing. Sunday afternoon we delivered the many bouquets of flowers to all the graves. Monday, what shall I do? An idea hit. I could keep my foot out of the way while I cleaned the cluttered room. It wasn’t dirty, just messy with many piles of papers scattered all over in neat stacks. I even knew what was in each pile. Anyone that knows me well knows filing is at the bottom of my list of things to do. I hate the job and it’s always the last thing done.

Now that the room is clean, I have another problem. Among the several papers that I needed to file were notes from conferences and on-line helps suggested to me by other people. The titles include:

1. The 3 Most Common Mistakes Made When Writing Articles.
2. Article Writing Mistakes – 7 To Avoid.
3. 7 Formulas for Writing Articles That Get Read!
4. Top 7 Mistakes Writers Make and What To Do About Them.
5. 12 Tips For Writing Articles On The Internet.
6. 6 Tips For Better Writing.
7. 10 Tips For Better Writing.
8. 10 Tips For Writing Success.
9. Humorous Reminders of Common Writing Mistakes.

With all this good information, I should find something to help me, but instead I became discouraged and quit reading. To me it seems they should offer similar information, but do they? No, they’re all different. Which ones do you listen to and read? If I took time to read all of these when would I have time to write, and how would I have time to keep a clean room?


Tristi Pinkston said...

You'll get scads of different advice from scads of different sources -- and they're basically all just sharing what worked for them. Try them out and see which ones work for you, and then throw the rest out. That's my favorite filing method -- the garbage can.

Hope your foot is feeling better!

C. L. Beck said...

Anytime you'd like, you can come and clean my computer office!:-)

Good job on this blog.

Keith Fisher said...

the first time I read a how to about writing I felt validated. the writer of the book was suggesting things I already did. I felt I was a good writer because the book said I was. then I read another one and found that I was doing everything wrong. Trist has good advice but I would add to it. If you feel good about your methods, stick to them. Perfect what you feel is good. listen to the advice of publishers because they are the ones you need to please. and never forget the person sitting quietly reading your book. relate to that person and you will reach others.
good job on the blog.