Friday, June 01, 2007

No Imagination

By G.Parker

I discovered the other day, that my imagination is limited. One would think that, being a writer, I would have an unlimited imagination. This is true when I'm writing, but is less so when I'm painting or cooking.

When cooking, it's a whole new ball game. What gets me interested in making a recipe is the big, bright colored photographs. I had the choice a month or two ago between two cooking magazines: Cooking Light and Cooks Illustrated.

Cooks Illustrated was several dollars more than Cooking Light. However, Cooking Light has loads of advertising. I showed my husband the difference and he pointed out that for one magazine I was paying for quality, the other I was getting less recipes and more advertising. Which one has more value? Less Advertising? He was all for me getting the Cooks Illustrated one. I chose Cooking Light.

Why? Just for the pictures.

The Cooks Illustrated felt too much like a text book for a high school cooking class, while Cooking Light is a glorious celebration of food. It's pathetic. I'd rather pay for advertising than information so that I can see a picture of what I’m fixing my family.

I'm willing to try new recipes, but I'm more inclined if they have a big shiny picture that makes my mouth water.

I guess that's what we are supposed to work toward with writing, making a picture in the reader's mind that makes them feel what we are portraying...but unfortunately, it doesn't work the other way around for me.

I do make a darn good pasta salad, our favorite summer meal.

And, since it was suggested, I've included my recipe. (I cook for 8, so the recipe is large.) Have a good one!

Parker Pasta Salad

3 to 4 pkgs pasta (I use multi colored or shell) cooked till tender, drained and cooled
1/2 onion, chopped fine
1 can sliced olives
1 pkg frozen imitation crab thawed and chopped(or any kind of meat you prefer such as salad shrimp, grilled chicken, etc.)
2/3 to 1 lb cheddar cheese cut into small chuncks
2 lb bags of frozen veggies (broccoli, peas and carrots, whatever is your favorite)
1 lg red bell pepper chopped
1 lg green bell pepper chopped
1 lg golden bell pepper chopped
1/2 to 1 C mayo (depending on how moist you like your salads - add till texture is smooth)
1/2 C grated Parmesan cheese (optional)
seasoning to taste - I use a garlic pepper blend that I sprinkle on after everything is mixed.

After noodles are drained and cooled down, mix everything together in a large bowl, adding mayo last. Make sure to stir all the way to the bottom so that each item is coated. Tastes best if refrigerated a good hour or two before eating, but that doesn't happen often at my house.

Serves 9, 2 or 3 servings each

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C. L. Beck said...

Thanks for a fun blog and what looks like the recipe for a terrific pasta salad! We'll have to try it.