Wednesday, June 20, 2007

No Road Is Straight

By Connie S. Hall

When I write, the road might seem straight for a while but eventually it has curves and speed bumps. I hate it when a curve comes my way because I feel like a total failure. The speed bumps in the mobile home park down the street from me are too high, and I get a terrible jar every time I venture there. It reminds me of the rejection letters I sometimes receive.

I know before my story is finished I’m going to have to stop for a red light. It always happens. My fingers fly across the keyboard and then all of a sudden they stop. The idea vanishes. Nothing I do will make it come back. I think that is why my computer is full of half-finished stories.

Writing is like a flat tire. Sometimes if I have a spare or lots of determination, I can fix it. Usually I have to walk away and return another day. Sometimes that day comes weeks, or months later. With one story, it has been years since I attempted to add to the story line. In fact, it’s the first book I attempted to write. I honestly think I’m afraid to continue. It’s an adult book, and I’m more comfortable writing for children.

I wish I could hook my engine up with more perseverance, but sometimes I have none left. It’s easier to start something new.

I think the sooner I realize that the road to success is not straight the sooner I’ll get my story finished. I just have to DO IT!

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C. L. Beck said...

I've been over plenty of speed bumps in my day, so loved the analogy.

Good blog.