Friday, June 08, 2007

What Would You Do?

by G.Parker

I was asked a question the other day that kind of stumped me. The person asked if I could do anything that I knew was going to be successful, what would I do?

My first thought was, gee, I'm already writing and painting - success is only a matter of time. What would I do?

She was waiting for an answer, so I said the next thing that came to mind and we ended up talking about restaurants. But, it got me thinking, and I decided it would make a good blog.

So many times we start something with the hope that we'll succeed, but we never know. The point of her question was an article that stated failure is an OPTION -- not a guaranteed outcome, just as success is an option. It all depends on how we approach it and what we do to reach it.

It also depends on what you consider success and what that word means to you. Does it mean a bigger house? A fancy car? Vacations around the world? Good kids that make a good life for themselves? A peaceful and happy home where everyone loves to be? A published book? Or a national best seller?

My first desire when I started writing was to be published before I reached 40. I don't think I knew anything about national best sellers, to me it was just being published -- to be able to pick up a book and have my name on the cover. Now that I'm past that figure and not published as a writer, I have a little panicky feeling. I've missed my goal, I'm not successful, what do I do?

However; like I said before, I still feel I'm going to be successful -- it's just a matter of time. It depends on the amount of time I'm willing to spend to get there, and how diligent I am in reaching my goal.

How about you? What would you be willing to do?

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Keith Fisher said...

sell everything, move to a mountain top . . . just kidding . . . I'd take everything with me . . . of course My hometeachers may not like having to hire LLamas and a guide in order to come visit.