Wednesday, August 08, 2007

Explore Your Backyard

By Connie S. Hall

My family and friends know I love to travel, and see new things. I’m a big believer that everyone should see their own backyard. I have seen most of our great state, and encourage everybody to see the things put here for our benefit. I can’t believe there are people living here in Utah among all the beauty that have never explored beyond their own town.

I love the eastern part of our state with its red rock country along the Colorado River, and through the colorful Canyonlands and Capitol Reef National Park. Yes, I’ve visited many of our National Historic sites; all five parks, six forests, and all the other sites and monuments except Flaming Gorge. I’ve also been to each Utah State Park except Antelope Island. I haven’t traveled every trail, but I’ve enjoyed the hikes I’ve taken.

The stone arches throughout our state amaze me and I’ve spent time wondering how anything this magnificent could exist. The desert areas hold a different type of splendor. Roaming dinosaur graveyards make me reflect on how these creatures could have traveled the same roads I explore. The extreme diversity of the landscape in Utah is something you don’t see anywhere else.

Living in Utah places us in the center of the American west where explores, trailblazers, Native Americans, mountain men, trappers, and miners once lived. Their many stories will always give you something to write about.

If you can’t find enough ideas to write about there are many museums near you that you can visit. There are also many fun activities in our wonderful state that you could see that would get your mind spinning. If you need help knowing where to go, look at the Discover Utah Guide on the internet. Utah offers your family many fun experiences.

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Candace Salima (LDS Nora Roberts) said...

Oh, you have done what I always talk about doing. One of these days I'm going to just hit every place that has caught my interest instead of just hurrying here and there trying to accomplish the near impossible. I never take time to explore anymore, which is what I love to do.

Thanks for the reminder.