Friday, August 03, 2007

What Do You Do In The Summertime?

By G.Parker

Remember that primary song? I used to love to sing that with all the variations we could come up with. Now that I’m grown up with children of my own, it has a whole new meaning.

I think it could use a new title for adults, like, "What do your kids make you do in the summer time?" Or "What do you squeeze in during the summer time?" Or, even better, "How do you write in the summer time?"

My most productive time is when school is in and I don’t need to worry about what my kids are doing or not doing, eating or not eating, etc. Although, now that I have children out of school, it’s strange when they are home - I feel as if I have a babysitter.

The summer time has too many distractions, not just the kids being home and bored. There is swimming and picnics and volleyball and tennis and all the other stuff you can’t do in the winter - which is why writing is my favorite activity. Although, reading is right up there...nothing like reading in front of a fire with a cup of hot cocoa. Did I say I was excited for winter?

What is your most productive time of the year? I read a poll at a site I belong to and it asked the same question. The most responses were for fall, second was winter, and then it dispersed after that. I picked winter for the obvious reasons, but, the reality is that every season should be our writing time.

We should find moments in every day, all year round where writing is our favorite thing to do, if we want to make a living at it. Or are you still in the hobby stage?

Take a look at your year and see where you write the most. You might be surprised.


Karlene said...

I write the most when I'm doing a BIAM with Having to report back each day on what I've accomplished really motivates me to get something done. When it not BIAM, I usually only get my blogs done. Although lately, haven't done as much of that either.

Keith Fisher said...

Late winter early spring. I used to follow the growing season. outside in the garden in the late spring early summer. harvesting in the fall. Curled up in front of the firelight writing all winter. Lately though,I'm not sure what season it is So I curl up and write when it's convienient.