Friday, August 24, 2007

Writing in Chocolate

by G.Parker

If I haven’t mentioned it lately, chocolate is something that is often on my mind. I am not a true addict, in that I can go without eating any for days on end, but I am a connoisseur. I enjoy the finer chocolates rather than the common every day candy bar. I like rich fudge brownies with a layer of frosting, or smooth, melt-in-your-mouth truffles—just thinking about them makes my mouth water. When I’m desperate, I’ll grab a Hershey’s bar with almonds, but that’s only when something better isn’t around.

Why do I mention chocolate you may ask? Because it occurred to me yesterday as I was ruminating on the glories of chocolate, that it is similar to reading and writing.

The paragraph about the kind of chocolate I like, would fit into reading categories. I know I’ve mentioned that I like to read–okay, that’s like saying I ‘like to breathe’–and the type of books I like to read varies with my mood. Usually, I would prefer a book that is in depth, has richness of character to it, a solid plot and a wonderful ending–something to curl up with while sipping hot chocolate. But when I am short on time and don’t want to get involved with something that complex, I reach for anything handy that might serve my needs. A simple romance or a light mystery–something that doesn’t require a lot of thought.

I bring this up to point out there is room for all kinds of writers out there. Not all of us are going to be literary greats, however wonderful that would be. Most of us are going to be every day writers, the ones that supply the greater need for the daily reader. Our works are sometimes in depth, but usually a simple read. That’s where we are going to have the greater impact. People are going to be looking for something to read at the doctors office, on the bus, while waiting for kids in the car pool–and we will be giving it to them.

While we start with that, however, our writing will be just a bit above the norm–just a shade richer than the average candy bar–because our writing evolves and improves. Our writing holds a hint of richness in the short, a depth of character in the description, and a longing when that book is closed. We are the budding writers of the future that holds the kind of fiction where everyone wants to read the next Darvell Hunt, Nichole Giles, James Dashner or even, the next G.Parker. (I had to add me!)

We are the Ghiradelli in writing. Personally, I like that chocolate far more than any of the fancy imports.

What kind of chocolate are you?


Tristi Pinkston said...

Hmmmm -- what kind of chocolate am I. Well, I'm dark and deep, with a nut here and there. :)

Josi said...

I hope I'm dove dark chocolate bite, a step above Hershey's, but not out of range for the average wal-mart shopper that likes the richness of dark chocolate, and with a little message to be read before I'm masticated and the wrapper goes in the trash.

C. L. Beck said...

Masticated? Did Josi actually use that word? Sounds like the way Buckbeak, the Hippogriffe would eat a ferret ... not the way our sweet, petite Josi would be eaten! (Assuming of course, she was indeed, a piece of chocolate. :)

Good blog, Gaynell. I love your analogy to chocolate.