Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Creating A Mood

By Connie S. Hall

Many times as I write, I find myself trying to create a specific mood. When trying to do a fantasy story I love to turn on my fairy fountain, and sit listening to the sound of the running water. My imagination runs wild as I look at the many fairies I have flying around the room, and immediately I’m far away in fairyland.


When writing a mystery I bet it would be best if it is a stormy night, and I can hear the trees branches scratch at the windowpane as I scribbled down my notes. Maybe some spooky Halloween music would add to the atmosphere.

I went to a conference earlier this year where Tristi Pinkston convinced me to live and breathe the era I was researching. For three full weeks, I didn’t read anything else. I only watched movies about the War of 1812, which is the current setting for my story. In doing this, I put myself in the scene. I then put my story away to complete later because I knew that this week while you are reading this, I’m in North Carolina walking the same path my characters walked. This is the final part of my research. When I return I’ll be ready to continue writing my story because I’ve created the perfect mood.

If you are like me, you may be having difficulty placing yourself in the setting of your story. If so, you should take time to place yourself in the world in which you wish to write. It helps turn your mind in the right direction.

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