Thursday, October 11, 2007

Lucky Girl

By Nichole Giles

Last week I took a poll. I was working on a writing assignment for one of my classes, and I had decided to write about why women need other women friends. Of course, I sent this poll to many of my women friends, and as always, my girls didn’t let me down. I got the most touching and heartfelt responses.

Working on this assignment got me thinking about some of my other friends. For instance, as soon as I finished my assignment, I sent it to a few of my writer friends for editing assistance. They didn’t let me down either. As soon as they were able, my writers sent suggestions for editing and improvements.

I realize this is a lucky thing. Not every woman has a group of girlfriends surrounding her with support, and not every writer has other writers only a mouse-click away willing to help them improve their work.

How lucky am I?

I am also a member of a group of writers who—aside from cheering each other on during positive times, and mourning in tough ones—happily and willingly share contest, submission, and market information with each other. This information is shared even with the knowledge that some of the other group members could very well become competitors in said contests.

It is amazing to me how each person I know is able to affect my life for the better. Even more amazing is the thought that—however many people I have influencing me to become better—I have the opportunity to affect that many people. I get the opportunity to be a friend to all these great people, and to help them however I can, the same way they’ve all helped me.

I repeat. How lucky am I?

Doesn’t every writer dream about making a difference in the life of one person in the world? Here I am starting out, and I just realized that I am already doing that. That’s pretty cool, if you ask me. In fact, I think that thought made my day.


C. L. Beck said...

Ooo yes, our gal friends rock!

(But to be fair, the guys rock, they just do it in a different way:)

Nichole Giles said...

Thanks C.L. Isn't it great to have friends?