Friday, November 16, 2007

Why Does That Never Happen to Me?

by G.Parker

Ever see the movie National Treasure? Remember the scene where they're headed down under the church and Nicholas Cage kisses the girl while one of the bad guys (soon to die, poor man) looks on and asks "Why does that never happen to me?" That scene just popped in my mind while I contemplated today's blog. It comes in reference to how we see things being affected by ONE person. Yes -- this is going to turn a little political, so hopefully this doesn't offend anyone.

My blogs have been about NaNoWriMo this month. Today's was going to be simply another update, when a situation came up on my forum list. Now, it's not that I'm a big wig over there, anyone can create a list at the Nano site. I decided to do one because I did it last year and it was fun to see the responses. You can find my list, Clean Romance, here.

Now, in the first couple of weeks (I started the list in September, I think) there was nothing but positive comments. Writers who weren't sure if their works fit in that genre or not, those who thought it was a good idea, etc. Then I got one person who was offended by the idea that it meant what she wrote was 'dirty'. Good grief! Then, yesterday there was another comment that she didn't like 'clean romance' because it inferred that what she did was 'dirty.' (there's that word again...)

It just makes me shake my head. I wrote back to the effect: you know -- this list was only made for the purpose of exploring romance without sex. It was not meant to offend anyone. There are lots of other lists available on the forum for your use. Feel free to use them. (or something like that.)

It all comes back to how people feel everything should fit or not offend ANYONE. Regardless that it's personal choice, or if the facilities are there for that person to create whatever thing they choose that fits them. They have to take something someone else does and change it to fit them. They have to take something that's good and wholesome and alter it to fit their perception or their lifestyle. It's like people moving to Utah because they want the atmosphere, and then complaining because they can't buy alcohol at any time of day. It's all a matter of choice.

NaNoWriMo is about choice as well. It's the choice to look at your heart, your desires and see if you have what it takes to write 50,000 words in 30 days. Despite what life tosses at you, despite the fact that perhaps you haven't written a word in your whole life, or perhaps that you haven't finished anything -- this is that chance. For some it's a kick in the pants that they've needed to get that novel finished. For others, it's a way to get a habit set again, so that when Nano is over, they will continue writing every day.

It has been an eye opener to me this year as to how tight things have been, trying to get my word counts in and still getting everything else accomplished. Today I'm up to 29380. It's still just a tad behind, but I'm happy with it. I'm pleased with where my writing is going -- although I still haven't come up with a title.

But anyway the point of my opening paragraph, is that should this be the other way around; me complaining that someone said something offensive on someone else's list, I would be labeled 'bigoted' or 'conservative' or a 'religious fanatic,' just to name a few. What I thought wouldn't be as important because it was something good. It seems we that have good values and desire good things, cannot affect as quickly or as loudly as those who are out to take down that which is good. I don't think I'm wording it right, but hopefully you get the idea.

I'm hoping that those of you who read our blog are open minded, intelligent souls who understand the creative process and the desire we have to produce good for the world. I hope one of you are able to make a change for good. Somebody has to since my voice doesn't seem to get heard.

Unless it comes out in my writing.

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Tristi Pinkston said...

Keep using your voice, Gaynell. Not everyone listens, but someone will, and that someone will be the right someone to reach.