Wednesday, December 12, 2007

Count The Memories

By Connie S. Hall

As each year comes to an end, I think about all that has happened to my family throughout the last twelve months. These thought make me think of something I heard a long time ago, “Don't count the years-count the memories...........”

Since this year isn’t over yet, I asked myself, “What have I done this year to give my family good memories?” My answer was, “I took the grandchildren out to do something special on their birthday.” Somehow, I’m not sure that is enough.

At this point, I’m thinking a better question is, “What can I do this Christmas to give my loved ones something to remember?”

We always have the traditional get together for all the children and grandchildren. Those in Colorado never come because of weather conditions, but the rest of us look forward to our time together. Because I like things different, each time we meet my mind has to ponder something new and unusual for us to do.

There is the food – we always have food. This year for something out of the ordinary, we will have hot soup and chili with scones. After exchanging gifts there will be hot chocolate, with plenty of marshmallows and cream.

The gifts I’m giving are not uncommon – I always give books, along with one other carefully chosen gift. Besides the presents for everyone to open I also go to the dollar store and purchase something for each person. Then we play a game. We have played many left to right games, but this year we are doing a number game where each person gets to choose what they want. That doesn’t mean they get to keep it because others get to snatch it away when there number comes up. I’m not sure being number one is the best spot. I’m hoping to get number twenty.

None of the above things seem as though I’m doing anything significant that will stick in anyone’s memory bank. I know I’ll think of something, but will it be in time for the big event?

Two things that have come to my mind is –
1. I’ve written several stories about my grandchildren, maybe I should give them a copy of the story. That means I had better get some stories written for the other grandchildren so everyone has one.
2. I have several special keepsakes from my grandparents that maybe I should bring out of storage and share with my children.

The big event is on Saturday, so if anyone thinks of something I can do for my loved ones that they will remember forever, please comment.

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