Wednesday, December 26, 2007

New Year, New Name

by Connie S. Hall

This is the last blog I will write this year. I think this is a good time to reflect back on the old year, and ponder what will happen in 2008.

First, I will keep writing my blog every Wednesday through the coming year. (Unless someone kicks me out of this spot) One thing that will change is I’m using a different name. A while back, I mentioned that I need to do this, but I’ve never done anything to achieve that goal.

For me the best time to set goals is the beginning of a new year. The time has come for me to make this giant leap. I’m not sure how hard it will be – my new pen name will be C. LaRene Hall. I’m still using my name, just a different part of it. Surprisingly, my mother is okay with this. I thought she might be my biggest obstacle because she likes my name.

For those of you who didn’t read the blog several months ago, the reason for the change is when I Google my name there are other authors by the name of Connie Hall. I want my name to be different, not like some other person. All of the recent manuscripts I’ve sent have my new name. I’m still the same person, and my writing is the same. Not published yet, but I’m hoping it is just around the corner.

Also during this coming year, my husband and I are taking a Hawaiian Cruise. We’ve been to Hawaii before, and had a wonderful time, but this time will be with other senior citizens from our area.

Now for the past year – it has been rewarding. I’ve continued to write my weekly blog. In addition, there have been many rejections, as well as winning a few writing contests. I’ve had a wonderful year writing, working, planning stake activities, traveling and taking some of the grandchildren to sleep under a dinosaur, to the play “Little Women”, the last “Harry Potter” movie, the Dinosaur Park, an aquarium, and to breakfast or lunch. I couldn’t ask for a better year.

I hope each of my readers will have a Happy New Year.

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Marsha Ward said...

I think that's a grand idea, Connie, to start a new year with a fresh, new name. These days, you have to have something to set yourself apart. As always, it's important to write well, but aside from that, a unique name is very useful to keep yourself straight in editor's eyes.

BTW, The Ink Ladies Blog is having a contest. Come on over and see if you can win a book!