Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Breaking Into The Big League

By C. LaRene Hall

Most baseball players dream of the time they can play in the majors. They know it doesn’t happen overnight. It’s the result of many years of hard work, difficult competition, good timing and of course, a winning record. If a player makes it, he knows he played his best.

Writers are much like baseball player, if they make it, it isn’t accidental. It’s the result of a clear vision, a creative well-planned story, and lots of hard work. You don’t just one day say, “I want to be a writer.”

It’s more difficult than some people imagine. If it weren’t for the encouragement of friends and fellow bloggers, it would be a lonely road. It’s something you do by polishing the skills you have. You study all the books you can find. Then you research the facts you aren’t sure are correct. Reading many books helps your writing improve. Next, you practice the things you have learned by writing and writing some more. Most important don’t ever give up.

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