Friday, January 25, 2008

Write, Practice, Write, Practice...

by G.Parker

Last week I mentioned that using online resources will help with your writing. This week I want to bring up another idea – writing for money or recognition. In your quest to be a great writer, you need to get recognition so that your writing becomes known. Let’s face it, the only reason many people write is because they want someone to READ their work. If no one ever sees it, it will never get noticed.

There are many ways to do this. One is blogging, which we’ve covered and which you are reading. There, see? You can get noticed! Another is writing articles for newspapers, magazines, etc. There are online sites as well that hire writers and blogger and pay for the articles. Some of them don’t pay very much, but your name gets out there and you’re getting paid for something you would want to do anyway!

Another way is finding sites that pay. One such site that is actually legit, is called Helium. I myself am a member of this writing community. They have several ways to write. There is a list of subjects and sub-subjects and you are able to see what is already written and what you can chose to write about. You can always create a new title, but I’ve found that’s more difficult – I usually pick something that’s already been written about.

They have what’s called the Marketplace which has actual online magazines that list articles they want written and how much they will pay for such an article. They specify what subject they want the article to cover and then leave it to you to get the creative juices flowing. I’ve already had one of these types of articles accepted and got paid for it. I was so excited!

So, if you feel the need for exposure and some deadlines to get your writing flowing, check out your neighborhood newspaper, magazines and online opportunities. There’s bound to be something that will get you noticed!

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