Friday, February 08, 2008

Don't Put it Off

by G.Parker

A theme has seemed to present itself to me over the past week or two. Along with Keith's blog about procrastinating the keeping of the history for his family and the ensuing weeks of mourning for President Hinckley, the message inserted itself into my brain: Don't put it off any longer.

Don't put off recording dad's stories of WWII or Korea or Vietnam - those are things you will never be able to hold onto again. Now is the time to keep the journal as President Eyring suggested at the last conference. It is crucial to write those words that are pounding in your brain to get out to the world.

Our time here on this earth is short - relatively - and we tend to procrastinate. Oh, we think it is just little things: I'll mail that card tomorrow when I have more time. I'll call that old friend tomorrow, I don't have time now. They won't care if we don't visit until next month, they'll understand how busy we are.

But what if they aren't there tomorrow? We never know how much time any of us has been given. Our lives are a joy, a mission and a challenge. It's our responsibility to take these hours into our hands and mold them into what they could be. Many people are heard to mutter "I was always wanting to write a book..." Are you one of those? If so, what happened? Why haven't you even started?

While it's important to keep track of our day-to-day responsibilities, sometimes we get too caught up in the things that don't really matter - especially when it involves other people. Take hold of the lives around you now, and make yours what you want it to be. Be known for not letting the moment pass you by. Become someone a friend can trust to share words of inspiration, or for the loved one who is struggling; instead of forgetting or putting it off until tomorrow.

Each new day is a gift. Treasure these gifts and make use of them - there's no better time than NOW.


Keith Fisher said...

thanks for the mention I'm glad I influenced you. great blog

Marsha Ward said...

I've suffered from putting things off, and I thought I was getting better at doing things in a timely manner, until recently when I heard that a friend was dying. I had been assured that she was likely to hold on until I could get down to the valley to see her, so I set up an appointment for a few days off.

I woke up two days before I was to go, thinking I should make the trip that day instead of waiting. I emailed her daughters, and they said they thought I could wait. Despite my unease, I decided to do so.

The next day I got an email that my friend had suddenly taken a turn for the worse and died. Oh how I wish I had paid attention to the voice of the spirit and made the trip! Have I learned a lesson? I hope so!

G. Parker said...

Oh, that's so hard! Take care.