Thursday, March 13, 2008

Seven Random Things
By Nichole Giles

A little while ago, Rachelle Christensen tagged me to write seven random things about myself and share them in a blog. Since I promised this blog to our readers last week, I guess it’s time for me to pay up.

1. I am the oldest of seven children—although the seventh didn’t come along until I was married and had a child of my own.

2. When people ask me where I’m from I usually say “a lot of places” because I was born in Nevada, moved from there to Utah, then Arizona, and back to Utah when I was a senior in high school. I lived in several different cities within each state, and even spent a few months living in Texas with my grandma when I was twelve.

3. I am a champion shopper. My family claims that if there were such a thing as a worldwide shopping competition, I would stand a great shot at winning a trophy. But then, that kind of shopping spree might cure me for life and what fun would that be?

4. I love jewelry. Random, unusual pieces catch my eye and beckon to me. But I also have to admit that jewelry is inspiring to me. Those same random, unusual things give me thoughts of fairies, or jewelry making elves, or even cultures of years ago. I think of fairy tales and love stories and all the things of fiction when I see something remarkable.

5. When I was younger I wanted to be an actress. I was heavily involved in the drama program (in all of my three high schools), fearlessly singing and dancing my way across a stage in front of audiences that ranged in size from a single elementary school class to a thousand or more people attending a community benefit. I felt really lucky when the director picked me to do a commercial on a local TV station for the benefit. That same year, in that same school, I went to New York with the choir for the opportunity to sing in Carnegie Hall. Those were the days….

6. In the seventh grade, I read the book, “Cheaper by the Dozen” and decided I wanted to have twelve kids when I grew up. I told my mother about this desire, and instead of laughing, she told all my friends—who believed her. When we moved and I thought I had escaped her little joke, she told all my new friends--at my new school--the same thing. That statement followed me through my junior year of high school until we moved to Utah where some families actually did have that many kids. Then my mother finally let it die. I only have four kids.

7. If I had my choice of places to live, I’d choose somewhere by the ocean. The sounds and smells of white-capped, rolling waves call to me every time I’m near the sea. If I believed in reincarnation, I’d wonder if I might have been a mermaid in a former life, especially since I am a huge and total fantasy fan. Doesn’t everyone believe in mermaids? I think one of these days I might take scuba diving lessons so I can swim with the fishes somewhere far away. Maybe I’ll run into some old friends?

Well, there you go, seven random things you never knew about me. I don’t know how many other people I’m supposed to tag, but Rachelle only tagged three. I figure I’m safe doing the same thing. I’m hoping to hear seven random things about:

Darvell Hunt
C.L. Beck
C. LaRene Hall

Have a good week everyone.

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