Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Pioneer Day

By C. LaRene Hall

The month of July holds many fond memories for me. As a young girl during the 4th of July parade, I watched my father flip pancakes as he rode on the back of a pickup truck down center street in Provo. During my teenage years, I followed the same parade route doing somersaults on the hot asphalt.

My family has always attended parades on July 4th, July 24th, and sometimes in between. One year I even went to the Rose Parade on New Year’s Day. I sometimes wonder if I were born loving a parade with all the bands, and gorgeous floats.

Another thing embedded in me during the month of July was my heritage. My Mayflower pilgrim ancestors and my Hugenot relatives sacrificed much to come to this land. Two-hundred years later, others sacrificed again so they could worship as they wanted and drove wagons for hundreds of miles to the valley I call home.

To me, July signifies sacrifice for liberty, and the freedom to worship God. Many of my grandparents gave their lives so I could be here in this free land. Because of them, I can worship as I choose, and write the things that are important to me.

As we celebrate Pioneer Day this year, I hope you will join me and bow your head and give thanks for those who made this day possible. Have a great holiday tomorrow.

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C. Michelle Jefferies said...

If you are watching the parade tomorrow keep an eye out for the yellow and black uniforms of the Emery County high school marching band. If you see the little girl with the big bass drum that she can't even see over smile and wave. That is my daughter. Have a wondewrfull 24th everyone.