Wednesday, August 27, 2008

A Precious Treasure

By C. LaRene Hall

During the past six weeks, I’ve spent lots of time sitting in a doctor’s office or a hospital room with my mother and husband. With so much time on my hand, I find my mind wandering and thinking about what is important to me. Most of the things I really care about I wouldn’t put into a treasure box.

Of course, for those things that are important to me I picked the normal things – family and friends. However, the treasure that I decided was most precious and greater than any other is something you can’t buy with money, and you can’t steal it. This cherished prize is so valuable that many people are willing to give up everything they own to have it. Some have given their lives for it.

The teachings of Jesus Christ are important because they show me how to be happy by following Heavenly Father. I can find them in the scriptures, but they do not contain everything He taught. Christ didn’t stop teaching when he left the earth. Now He teaches through prophets by telling them what we need to know.

The greatest storyteller I know was Jesus Christ. I would be a great writer if I followed His example and included a message or a valuable lesson in all my stories.

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Rebecca Talley said...

You're right, of all the things most important to me, none of them would fit into a treasure box.