Friday, September 26, 2008

My Corner of the Galaxy

by G.Parker

Several weeks ago, one of our members issued a challenge to blog showing their desks or office areas. I thought I would take him up on it, so here we go.

Last night we watched the movie Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy, one of my hubbies favorite movies. This silly comedy is based on a book that I purchased for my son a couple of years ago and read to see if it was anything like the movie.

It seems pretty close. I don't think I was interested in reading past the first book though -- so apparently it didn't hold my interest much more than the movie did. ( I have to say, at least it was way better than Napoleon Dynamite) Funnily enough, the movie grows on you. There are parts we just have to watch over and over -- like when they are on Vorgon and are trying to walk through the field to the buildings without having an idea...kills me every time.

The reason I bring up this movie in relation to my desk, is the clutter. You could probably find the galaxy on my desk -- then again, maybe not. It's also the corner of my world where I create (as seen by my easel). In reading a book by Steven King on writing, he mentions that we need to have our own little space where we can revive. This is a place where our creativity flows much easier and smoother (supposedly) than others. Well, this is it. While I do get distracted sometimes by the view out my window (as I mention in my other blogs from time to time) I am more at peace typing away at the keyboard here in writing than anywhere else.

Also, I mention the movie because of it's reference to the lack of creative thinking, original thoughts, etc. I believe it's called satirical thinking, but I'm not sure, but he did a great job of it.

I also love the whole guide idea. It's what we always wanted when we first started having children. You know, something that told you how to handle the colicky baby, changing diapers, diarrhea and projectile vomiting, and worse of all -- potty training. When we first saw the movie Robots with Robin Williams and saw the part where there was a dial on the baby that could lower his crying, we both said "That's it!" Unfortunately it's not reality, so that ain't coming any time soon.

Anyway -- back to my desk. You can see two printers, but they each have a different function. The big one only works for faxing things and trying to scan them in...sigh. The small one works for printing. Right now it's out of colored ink -- time to visit the store again. Then you can see that everything is surrounded by filing cabinets. Yes, I have three 2 drawer filing cabinets, and they are all full. I figure that's a real sick thing, but I can't do anything about it. The black file is totally filled with all the papers from when we had our pizza business, and we can't get rid of it yet. We're counting the years...

Next to the printers are the speakers and my monitor. Ah...I love that monitor. It's huge. And not just from front to back...grin. Sure, I'd love a flat screen, but not until they go really cheap. This baby works just fine.

Next to that is the broken UPS -- I don't know why it's still there, my hubby is my technician and he's a little busy.

Then we have the computer my hubby built all by himself and works wonderfully. The Palm that no one uses anymore, the stuff my kids made me, the shell from Hawaii that was a gift, picture of Christ...yeah. All the stuff on the other side is books on writing, CD's with programming, and the two big stacks of CD's are music. I write better to music...grin. Candles, staplers, phone, miscellaneous stuff that really should be tucked in a drawer somewhere or given away. It seems like the more stuff I get rid of, the more appears. sigh.

This is my slice of peacefulness, and I welcome you to visit any time. Just remember the answer is 42.


Keith Fisher said...

I like your corner of the universe. I especially love those windows. I have to write on the front porch sometimes because of a need you can fulfill with your windows. the answer may be 42 but they asked the wrong question.

I have to say though, quit looking around and get back to work :)

Ronda Hinrichsen said...

Fun to see your corner of the world. I must say, though, I was glad to see I'm not the only one who's so busy writing that I don't even worry about the clutter. Who cares about it anyway? It will still be there at another, more uncreative time, but that story idea? It could disappear in moments! We just have to get it down now, right?