Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Skating Over Obstacles

As a child, one of my favorite activities was skating. I didn’t have the cool rollerblades children have now. The ones I had attached to my own shoes with a strap around my ankle, and the length and tension I adjusted with a screw.

20th century model which fit over ordinary shoes.

After reaching my teen years, I continued to skate. By this time, instead of skating on the sidewalk I went to the roller-skating rink. There they had wonderful shoe skates with a toe stop.

By this time, I had another activity that I loved as much as roller-skating – dancing. Shortly after I started dating at 16, I met a great guy that loved to skate. He hated to dance, at least on a normal dance floor. Almost all of our dates were at the skating rink. Kay taught me to dance on those wheels and sometimes I was sure I was flying.

Skating over obstacles was something I learned to do well. I think once you learn to overcome difficult things that come your way, you can overcome all sorts of complications. That includes the hurdles you have to cross to find someone to publish your book. My largest obstacle is all the rejections I’m gathering.

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