Friday, November 28, 2008

Almost There...

by G.Parker

There's a scene in the original Star Wars Trilogy (I guess it's #5, where it's the brave new hope thing -- I'm not good with the first three being the last where they are trying to shoot a missile into a small hole that makes it possible for them to blow up this huge death star. They do the first run, and there's a guy in the back panicking, and another guy flying a ship and saying "Stay on target." That's what most of us need, I think. Someone in the background reminding us to stay the course. But the next run, there's another guy doing the shooting, and he say's "Almost there..."

I figure that's appropriate for today. I'm almost there. Not quite as far as I'd hoped to be, but you know how that goes. I didn't get any writing done yesterday, but I have gotten quite a bit done this week. I'm only 11,000 words short. I figure I can get that in today and tomorrow.

What really amazes me, are those who are already finished -- have already gotten their words in and are resting on their laurels. I know of at least one person (there are usually a few of them) who has over 100,000 words!! That just blows me away. How in the heck do you get that many words done in a month and still get anything else done?

That's probably the point. They probably don't do anything else. I'm almost certain those people aren't parents, and possibly not married...or else their spouses are very patient. (Mine tries really hard to be

Well, the end is in sight and I'm fairly confident I'll reach my goal. Trouble is, unless I can wrap things up pretty quick, the story isn't going to be finished. Again. Sigh.

Oh well...there' s always next year...

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Keith Fisher said...

I think it was episode four or the first star wars. you have made it far and should be proud. of course those others don't have anything else to do. hang in there up to the end and keep going.