Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Brain Jumper Cables

By Darvell Hunt

I've been so busy at work, my brain seems fried. I think it completely shut down this week, because I forgot to write a blog entry. Maybe I need to jumpstart it somehow. Anybody know where I can get some brain jumper cables? Or would that fry my brain even more?

Anyway, as you can see, we are experimenting with change. If you like what you see, let us know! If you don't, we're open to suggestions. After two and a half years, we wanted to try a new look here at LDS Writers Blogck. We males are not accustomed to occasional makeovers, but the female side of our staff is helping us along. Let us know what you think!

Have a great Thanksgiving break! Hold off on those Christmas songs until Friday, eh?


Jennifer said...

I see you're using The Cutest Blog On the Blogck - I mean, Block. :)

I like the snowflakes, although if you go with a holiday theme, you're going to have to go through all this changing-the-look thing again. Also, the way the box in the middle stays in place while the text moves - I don't like it. Of course, we are talking about a "Blogck" here, and it's kind of "block-like". Hmmm.

There's another one with snowflakes on the side that's very "blogck-y" - I think it's #573, although I don't see a way to search for a specific background on the site, though. I just clicked on "Christmas", went to the second page, and it's the third from the bottom.

In any case, good luck. :)

Stephanie Black said...

I like this look.

Keith Fisher said...

in order for my cables to work you need bolts in the side of your neck
good analogy