Friday, November 14, 2008

The Fingers Are Moving

by G.Parker

Well, here it is, officially week two of Nanowrimo. It's been great so far -- I've had it easy. I had outlined the first several chapters and now I've covered all of them and have found myself into uncharted territory. Oh boy. But isn't this what writers dream of? Isn't that why we write? Well...that' s what I tell myself when I end up staring at the computer screen and wondering "what's next..."

Writers block is a whole different ball game when your doing Nano. You have to work through it. If you let yourself get too far behind, it becomes a very stressful affair to catch up to the numbers where you're supposed to be.

By the end of tonight, everyone that's on track, should have about 25,000 words. I'm pretty much there, so I'm feeling okay for now, but my ease time is over and it's time to put in some serious work.

I'm finding that my morning time can be the most productive while I listen to my boys eat breakfast and get ready for school. Everyone has to make their lunches the night before, so mornings are pretty casual; breakfast and showers. What is there for a mom to do except remind them of the time and what their next task is? So I get lots of writing done in the morning if I'm able to focus.

So...onto week three. Are you ready?


Keith Fisher said...

good job getting this far. now that you have your characters established it should be easier to free write. just listen to them. they will take you there. Kind of like, Listen to the force my pawan learner. use the characters.

Keith Fisher said...

that should have said My padawan learner. man I stubble over my own brain cells. . . .