Friday, November 21, 2008

Week Three

by G.Parker

It always seems like I've got things under control, and then life steps in. Ever feel like that? Best laid plans and all that...

I was doing great the first week of Nano. I wasn't even doing too bad on week two -- and then we hit week three. sigh. I had to seriously do some writing yesterday to even catch up to where I'm supposed to be. What's kind of fun, is they have the word verifier up at the Nanowrimo site, and I ran my story through yesterday. I had 200 more words than I thought I did! So...small blessings.

Nichole mentioned how swamped she is with other work so she isn't doing Nano. There are many other more sane writers out there -- those who don't need a hard core month to get their writing done. They are able to be more consistent, driven in their craft.

I wish I was more like them. Nano has become something of an addiction for me, so perhaps it's time to end it. Maybe this will be my last year...nah. I have too much fun cranking out a novel every year, driving my hubby crazy, and meeting the deadline.

In some ways, I've discovered I'm a procrastinators dream. I work better under pressure and with a deadline. It's pathetic, really. I should be better at this by now. And I am...I'm fully confident that I'll be able to add 20,000 words to my story before the end of the month.

And I might even do it before Thanksgiving...wait, that's only a week away now...less than seven days? And I don't write on Sunday, so that's only six days, and we're way busy on Saturday -- that makes it five days. ARGH!

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Keith Fisher said...

hang in there you can do it. it's like the opening of hunting season. it's a tradition. you would hate life if you didn't do it. besides it tunes you up for the rest of the year.