Friday, December 05, 2008

I Won! Now What?

by G.Parker

As you can see from the title, I finished my word count in time to be one of the thousands of winners of Nanowrimo. Winning this competition is not like a lot of other things -- there is no real prize, no worldwide recognition, nothing that would make this really worth it for most people.

It's mainly the satisfaction of knowing that you've accomplished something in 30 days that it takes some people a lifetime to do. You've finished a novel.

There are many of us who didn't finish a novel, which would include me -- even though I reached the required words. This wouldn't be the first time. The very first year I did Nano, I didn't finish the story when I reached the word count. I don't think I did the second year, either. By the third year I was informed I would finish the story within the 50,000 word count, or I would have a very frustrated spouse on my hands. It was his opinion that I was supposed to have finished the book with the 50,000 words. Well...that is part of the goal, though many of us write much longer works than that.

This year's story was a sequel to the one I wrote last year. I hadn't finished last years within the time frame either, but I was able to within two weeks or so afterward. I'm doing the same thing now. I'm trying to continue my new found habit of writing every morning so that I get it done.

Which, if you know nothing else about Nano, is the main point. To get people writing, every day. Once writing becomes a habit, then you are more likely to continue it and do something with it. Most of my works for Nano are items that I want to publish. They are currently in the editing process.

But for now...I have one to finish and it's almost there. I can say proudly to the world again, that I have met the challenge and come away victorious!

Next year I want to see if I can do 60,000 words.'s a goal!

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Annette Lyon said...

The point of NaNo isn't to actually complete an entire book--even the NaNo people know that a publishable novel is longer than 50,000. It's the exercise is diligence and sheer drafting without editing that's the whole point. (In case your spouse tries to use that one next year. :D)