Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Pearl Harbor Day

By C. LaRene Hall

Sunday was a day of memorial for many people. I don’t remember that day because I was just approaching my 2nd birthday. I can only imagine the terror in the hearts and minds of all the people living in the world on that day, not just those living in the United States. The entire world must have been in shock.

There is sorrow in my heart when I think of the destruction and lives lost on that fateful day. Many changes took place. Children grew up without a father; wives had to learn to support their children without someone by their side.

I’ve visited Pearl Harbor in Hawaii on two occasions. Both times were difficult, and didn’t help me understand why this had to happen.

I’ve always had a hard time comprehending why anyone would want to cause bodily damage to another person. To me it is not natural to be evil. Of course, many people say I’m not normal. It doesn’t matter where another human being lives, I do care about what happens to him or her. When I watch on television the wickedness all around I want to cry.

I love to write, but I can never include an evil protagonist because my mind won’t go that direction. He can do bad things, but can’t be totally evil.

Bad times are coming. Satan is still out there and evil is prevalent through the land. Just because it’s not natural to me, doesn’t mean that it’s not common practice for others. As a LDS writer, maybe I can make a difference to those who read. Maybe I can reach out and help others to know there is good in this world.

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Keith Fisher said...

I agree there is a great deal of good in the world. good blog. thanks