Thursday, December 18, 2008

T'was the Night Before My Blog

By Nichole Giles

T’was the night before my blog
And all through the house,
Only I was awake stirring,
(There better not be a mouse!)

I had laundry to fold
And presents to wrap
Goodies to make
And ideas to trap.

I’d just come from critique,
And my brain, it was fried
But I had to keep going
Or I’d fall behind.

I glanced out the window,
As I sat at my desk
Wondering when it became
An enormous, big mess.

The moon on the breast of the new fallen snow
Gave a luster of…well, winter
To objects below.

When what to my exhausted eyes should appear
But invisible ninjas, all riding reindeer.
They dropped to the ground, all stealthy and slick
And I knew in a moment they’d perform a neat trick

Over the snow they crept with light feet
And didn’t leave footprints or tracks on the street.
They picked the front deadbolt with nary a sound
And snatched all the junk that was laying around.

A pile of socks, a Nintendo, a game
A sweatshirt, a coat, and some text books (how lame.)
A candy wrapper, backpack, and purse full of fake gold,
Chocolate marshmallow Santa—at least two-weeks old.

They washed all the dishes and mopped all the floors
They folded my laundry, and wiped down the doors.
My bathrooms all sparkled, my dust mites all vanished
One made me a snack—he knew I was famished.

And when they were done, they snuck quietly out.
And sent me to bed without needing to pout.
I snuggled in tightly, my deeds were all done
And I prayed for those ninjas, blessed every one.

Under the piles and lists I had made
Christmas turned into a great-big charade
Now, it was all done, the only thing left
Was spending some time with those I love best.

One ninja, he knocked on my window that night
Crying, Merry Christmas to your family, and take time to write!


LexiconLuvr said...

You lucky devil!
I wish I had me some Christmas Ninjas.

Awesome post! So creative and fun!

Cindy Beck said...

Really cute post! You are so creative!

Nichole Giles said...

Thanks my friends! I have to admit, it's entirely possible I was dreaming about those ninjas. When I woke up, my house was still a mess.


But, dreams do make the best stories, don't they?


Kim Thompson said...

Very cute, Nichole! I want your Ninjas to come visit me.

Heather Justesen said...

Man, and I thought the dish fairy was awesome, I wish I had some ninjas to clean up at my place...and if they wanted to work on some of my other projects while they were at it, I wouldn't complain.

Nichole Giles said...

I'll pass on all your addresses to those ninjas. Who knows, maybe they'll show up!

Thanks for commenting.